St Gemma’s Hospice Leeds provides palliative care for people with active, progressive and advanced illness, both at the Hospice and through our Community Nurse Specialists who support people in their own homes. We also provide ongoing support for those who have experienced loss and bereavement, and education and training for palliative care professionals. All of us at St Gemma's Hospice are very grateful to Wakefield & District Health & Community Support who have so generously supported our work for almost 20 years, helping to fund the ongoing costs of medical and other specialist equipment which helps to make patients more comfortable. The care we provide is always free to patients but our running costs are over £9m a year and we rely on the generosity of our supporters, and donations like these, to continue caring for those who need us.

OPAL is a relatively small charity working in Leeds16.  We offer a wide range of activities and services to help reduce social isolation and to improve the quality of life for older people. Last year, we purchased a former public house and we are in the process of renovating it to become a Community Centre which will provide a base for all of our activities but will also provide community space for other community groups and agencies. We approached WDHCS for a grant and were delighted that the application was successful. We found the process of making an application very straightforward; it was really helpful that we were visited by representatives of WDHCS so that they had an insight into our project and we were clearer about the information they needed in order to process our application.  WDHCS have shown an active interest in the progress of our project and we really look forward to them coming to visit our Community Centre when it is complete. Ailsa Rhodes OPAL

“Leeds Rhinos Foundation are delighted to be working in partnership with the Yorkshire Health Charity.  The Foundation uses the power of sport to engage, inspire and empower children and young people in making better lifestyle choices and providing opportunities to become more active. The grant from the Yorkshire Health Charity allows Leeds Rhinos Foundation to provide wraparound provision for children that are not always engaged in physical activity/school due to a range of external factors. Before and after clubs, holiday clubs and assemblies provide children with a well-rounded programme that aims to improve their health and well-being which enables children to think more about making and implementing healthier lifestyle choices. Leeds Rhinos Foundation are proud to be working alongside the Yorkshire Health Charity in a flagship project for schools within Leeds” Davide

Move Ahead is a small charity supporting people with brain injury or brain related illness along with their carers. We aim to provide therapeutic activities mainly through art, chair exercises and singing in our recently formed choir, we open two days a week and have around twenty eight members. The charity is run mainly by volunteers who are very dedicated and supportive not just with running the centre but with fundraising social events and our carers group. Because we are a non-profit making charity we rely heavily on fund raising and donations to continue our vision of making life easier and more meaningful for our members and carers because for most of them this is a lifetime commitment. A few years ago we managed to secure a ten year lease on a community centre building in Outwood which is our base, it is also used regularly by the local Residents Association and Wakefield District Carers. One of the highlights of the day for some of our members (and volunteers) are the cooked lunches we provide so we owe very special thankyou to Yorkshire Health for providing funding for our cooker, cooker hood and an industrial dishwasher. Yorkshire Health also helped us to with funding for a Christmas Concert at St Catherine’s Church which also involved other local charities, it was a very successful and thoroughly enjoyable evening but that was just the end result of an exciting and meaningful journey for everyone at Move Ahead which involved forming our choir which is named Inspire and visiting a recording studio to make a CD of our very own song ‘Butterflies’ composed by the members and volunteers with music by Carl Lamb. We are very grateful for the continued support from Yorkshire Health who in helping us financially have also shown a keen interest in all aspects of our work and achievements at Move Ahead.

Kidz Aware was founded in 2006 and we have developed a range of solutions since we first started our work. Based in Wakefield, we now work across other Yorkshire Local Authorities areas with a mission “to ensure that all children and adults with a disability, and their carers have the opportunities to achieve their aspirations in life.” Our ambitions are simple. We want families with disabled children and disabled adults to have a voice, and to be part of a wider solution that supports disability at every level of society. We are at the forefront of creativity and innovation in services to help raise awareness about the issues affecting children and adults with disabilities, their families and carers. Through the donation from the WDHCS we have bene able to support many more families of disabled children and disabled adults access support and also help them achieve their aspirations in life, actually the charity was under threat of closure when we received the funding this made such a massive difference not only for the charity and the disabled staff we employ, ensuring they have further employment. Being able to offer services to the hundreds of families we can continue supporting since the funding we have supported many more new families, even adults with mental health and long term health issues have asked for our help and received it and we continue receiving calls for help due to the cuts in services, not only did the EWDHCS give us funding they have bene supportive in other ways always willing to help us give us advice and keen to support us in making a positive difference. Yours Sincerely Gillian Archbold Diversity Manager